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Food Fraud Detection Goes Mobile

Learn how experts are using smart phone technology for the detection of food fraud and authentication studies.

At the 133rd AOAC Annual Meeting a mini-seminar was organized which brought together a group of experts to discuss recent developments in the use of mobile and smartphone technology for the detection of food fraud. Food Analysis editorial advisory board member and leading member of the food safety community Bert Popping reported on the speaker participating and presentation given.

Recently such smart devices have been used to test for spoilage, adulteration, toxic compounds, mycotoxins and pesticides. The advantage of such devices is their input computing power and ability to overcome some of the challenges faced by laboratory analysis.

Speakers at the event in Denver, Colarado included:

  • Georgina Ross (Wageningen Food Safety Research)
  • Mark Lessard (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • Sandra Salleres Alonso (Bioan)
  • Wilfried Hermes (Trinamix)
  • Gianpaolo Rando (SwissDeCode)
  • Bert Popping (FOCOS)

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