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Food Safety Analysis 2020

14 Oct 2020 to 15 Oct 2020 09:00 - 17:00

Biopolis Science Park

Building on the success of previous events, the dates for the Food Safety Analysis 2020 conference are announced as Tuesday  14 th & Wednesday  15 th  October 2020 at the world-class scientific venue, Biopolis, Singapore. Brought to you by a premier learning resource, Separation Science, the conference is a two-day event and will cover the broad range of current topics and trends, as well as expanding the scientific poster programme and providing a first-class exhibition and networking opportunity.

Food production is a global business and we see products from all over the world on our supermarket shelves and in our local markets. The food supply chain also needs to be global, which inevitably increases complexity, management and control difficulties.

  • How do you track what pesticides or veterinary drugs are used by farmers and producers, and how do you keep microbial load at bay while transporting food across the globe?
  • How do we monitor for natural toxins, or ensure key allergens are measured and correctly labelled on our foods?
  • What regulations govern such analysis and how should they be interpreted to ensure overall food safety?
  • What about the authenticity of your food? Does your parmesan cheese really come from its protected denomination of origin, is your expensive fruit juice really direct from Brazil or has it been reconstituted from cheaper concentrate and sold as direct juice?
  • Has your milk been adulterated by adding nitrogen-rich substances to defraud sellers and consumers?

All of these important questions drive analytical development, and this is what Food Safety Analysis 2020 is all about.

Through insightful comment, practical advice, technical & application presentations and thought-leader discussions Food Safety Analysis 2020 will address the key challenges faced by the food industry and provide robust, reliable and effective solutions for them.

By working with industry experts across all aspects of food quality and safety analysis Food Safety Analysis 2020 is a must-attend conference for food scientists working for food manufacturers, food producers, contract testing laboratories and government agencies.

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