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Trace Metals Analysis in Dietary Supplements Using ICP-MS

This presentation covers ICP-MS analysis of dietary supplements for trace metals and minimizing contamination to meet regulatory compliance. The topics presented include an overview of the technique of ICP-MS, the limitations and interferences of ICP-MS, sample preparation, laboratory hygiene, and the regulations for food and supplement analysis.

Case studies and data are presented to show the challenges that regulations for trace metals can present in ICP-MS analysis of food and dietary supplements. Effectively and efficiently combating these challenges of ICP-MS instrumentation in supplement testing for trace metals is discussed, as are strategies for hitting lower limits of quantitation (LOQs) in trace metals using ICP-MS instrumentation to meet regulatory compliance.

Additionally, how possible future regulation and client requirements can be met using a coupled IC/ICP-MS for Arsenic speciation is addressed.

By viewing this presentation you will learn:

  • why ICP-MS is a powerful technique for accurately quantitating trace metals
  • the key challenges and limitations involved in food and dietary supplement analysis with ICP-MS instrumentation
  • how regulations can affect the LOQs needed
  • how to ensure quality data is being generated

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